Armed Escort and Journey Management Services

Kings Unique Security Services provides reliable armed escorts services anywhere within Nigeria. We strives to provide outstanding security escort services to all those who need it. There is an increase in crime rate, theft, strong armed robberies, and mugging occurring, we seek  to protect those with high valuable properties and their life also.

Our Escort services includes but not limited to:

  • Serving as an executive’s chauffeur
  • Escorting dignitaries who are guests of the firm or Member of the Firm
  • Escorting members of executives’ families
  • Escorting company executives visiting locations deemed hazardous
  • Intermingling with guests at special social functions
  • Escorting couriers or messengers
  • Transporting of Money or valuable assets.

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Other Services We Render Includes The Following Below:

  • Private investigations
  • Security survey
  • Technical support services
  • Setting up of internal security units
  • Personnel vetting
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)