General Guarding Security Services

Kings Unique Security Services Nig. Ltd plans and executes operations in such a way as to ensure physical protection of the needs of her clients. She equally has zero tolerance to unprofessional and unethical practices which had made her to record insignificant incidences for these past years in her operations.
Kings Unique Security Services Limited has joined the army of Private Security Service providers to compliment the effort of the Nigeria Police in securing lives and assets across the country for more than sixteen (16) years. Our goal is to provide superlative security services that are uniquely different from every other service provided by our contemporaries. At King‟s Unique, we take pride in our quality personnel, latest technology, updated processes and competent and fully diversified management team.
We continuously strive for excellent client satisfaction by providing you with focused and committed staff.
We are adapted to meet the risks and challenges in the residential, commercial, retail, institutional, and industrial markets. The company recognizes that each organization requires a broad spectrum of support services and specialized training to maximize value for the client and address risk factors involved.

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Some of Our Security Roles in an Organization

  • Administers and conducts access controls to the facility, including identification badge program

  • Administers vehicular access and parking controls and secures the parking environment

  • Prevents or otherwise reduces crime by maintaining a “security presence” and high visibility by patrolling company property in distinctively marked vehicles (if vehicular patrol is required) and wearing distinctive apparel, although not necessarily military type uniforms

  • Administers company’s lock and key or other access control program

  • Conducts security indoctrination and training

  • Investigates all criminal activity committed on company premises or against company interests, including attacks against persons

  • Coordinates special protection arrangements necessary during or as a result of riots, natural disasters, strikes, explosions, and so forth

  • Designs and conducts security/loss prevention vulnerability surveys

  • Provides emergency courier and escort services as needed

  • Acts as adviser and in-house consultant to senior management on all security-related matters