Strategic Medical Business

Kings Unique Strategic Medical delivers quality paramedic and allied health, fire rescue and specialized training services to the mining, natural resources, manufacturing and heavy construction industries; headed by Dr. Esther Ibinabo Abere, Emergency Physician / Paramedic Medical Director.

Our medical personnel carry a broad range of professional skills to enable us to offer the following capabilities:

  • Emergency health services supplied by credentialed multidisciplinary Paramedics, Registered Nurses/OHN‟s and Industrial Medics whom hold competencies in emergency response and/or ERT support
  • Site-based primary care practice services including the provision of onsite occupational health and hygiene, drug and alcohol testing, return to work and health promotion services
  • Emergency response, fire and technical rescue services including multidisciplinary Emergency Response Officers (ERT), including specialist ESO (Fire and Rescue)  Team Leaders
  • Clinical/first aid, emergency response, fire and technical rescue training services (national accredited and non-accredited onsite instruction) and first aid supplies, paramedic and fire rescue equipment and logistics.

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Other Services We Render Includes The Following Below:

  • Private investigations
  • Security survey
  • Technical support services
  • Setting up of internal security units
  • Personnel vetting
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)